Employment Services

Thanks for your interest in contracting a Job Skills Trainer, Job Coach, a Job Placement Specialist, or an Instructor. If you’re looking for help searching for and securing your dream job, you’ve come to the right place. NRJ Multiservices is here to help you with your search. At NRJ Multiservices we make every effort to create a match between the employer and candidate. We want to bridge the gap from being a candidate to a valued employee. We also offer vocational training for many careers, whether you are in high school or a person who desires to shift into a new career.
Contact us to set up your first Job Skills Training, Job Placement, Job Coaching, or Instructor meeting. We are available in person or virtual. We meet with our clients via in person, phone, FaceTime, Google Meets, or Zoom— whatever works the best for you! 

What we do:

For Individuals

  • Provide One on One or Small Group sessions with a Job Readiness Trainer
  • Provide One on One or Small Group sessions with a Job Placement Specialist
  • Provide One on One or Small Group sessions with a Job Skill Trainer/Coach


For Companies, Groups, Schools, and Organizations

  • Provide Instructors of Job Readiness Courses
  • Provide Instructors of Job Placement Skills Courses
  • Provide Curriculum Writers for Job Readiness Courses


  NRJ Multiservices partners with you on your job search. As Job Coaches, we will help you to lay out a plan and strategy for securing your next job. We will walk you through creating or making specific changes to your resume, your social profiles, your cover letter, and most importantly your elevator pitch. NRJ Multiservices will help you to identify transferable skills that you possess, that you can take with you to your next job. We’ll also walk you through how to negotiate for the best offer. And, if you want to enlarge your network, whether it’s in your own area or a new one, we can help you construct an approach for that.

   As Job skills trainers we teach skills, reinforce learned skills, and set up accommodations and/or techniques to increase our customer's independence and ability to meet their employer's expectations.  We train individuals in interpersonal skills, daily living skills, and vocational impairment issues that interfere with them obtaining or maintaining employment. Work Readiness Services benefit customers who have never worked, have not worked for a long time, or have a sporadic work history, and prepares customers for successful employment so they can manage or address vocational impairments and be self-sufficient. Much like a sports coach, we are here to both introduce new ideas, and to be a partner during your search. Together, we will work to find your dream job!

   As Job Placement Specialists we teach and assist our customers by executing the skills necessary to prepare for and complete job searching activities necessary to obtain competitive integrated employment. We teach the most up to date strategies and necessary services to individually assist our customers in executing the skills needed to prepare for and complete job searching activities, such as but not limited to: 

  • Gathering information for a customer’s employment data sheet
  • Application completion
  • Creating resumes
  • Interviewing 
  • Job searching for open positions that meet their individual needs, wants, and desires in employment
  • Job acceptance
  • Addressing employment barriers


All Employment Services are contract based. Call 713-397-8895 or schedule here for a consultation. Services can be one on one or a group setting.  

 We respond to all messages within 1 business day. If you have questions about our Employment Services, reach out, or visit our full FAQ Employment Services page here.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about our Employment Services:

  • Where are NRJ Multiservices clients located? Our clients are in Houston and the surrounding areas. 
  • How does NRJ Multiservices meet with clients? We meet with clients via in person, the phone, Google Meets, Zoom, or FaceTime – whichever option works best for you.
  • Where should I search for a job? If you’re searching online, a few of our favorite job sites are Indeed.com and Glassdoor.com.
  • How can I schedule a meeting with you? Call 713-397-8895 or schedule here
  • What kinds of clients does NRJ Multiservices work with? Our clients are a broad range of ages. They are in various career fields, and at varying organizational levels. The one thing many of our clients have in common is that they’re looking for a big change. Whether they want to make more money, to find a more fulfilling career, or to change industries, they’re looking for a new challenge! Our clients are looking to turn over a new leaf.
  • What credentials do the Job Skills Trainers, Job Coaches, and Job Placement Specialists hold? All Job Skills Trainers, Job Coaches, and Job Placement Specialist hold a University of North Texas Workplace Inclusion and Suitable Employment (UNTWISE) Texas Job Placement credential